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HOW you can use the virtue continuum in daily life


I will tell you in a moment what the virtue continuum is and who needs it in their everyday life. We’ll talk about relationships and… Let’s begin!

Imagine a scale with ten steps. The first step is honesty, and the last one says, “be cruel.” That’s it for virtues; there are no other places to go or stand in between—this way, you can always know where your true self resides!

Or we can look in another way. Let’s say, on one side is evil and on the other God; and between them are people with different characters who behave humanly or barbarians who, it might also be noted, can still be discovered in everyday life…

By the way, I will share here my mentor’s thoughts about VIRTUE CONTINUUM!:  

“We all have our own unique set of qualities that make us who we are. Some people want to live their lives in a way where they can be themselves and not have any regrets or have no fear of what others think about them. In contrast, others may try hard for social acceptance on how different these two lifestyles could sound like, but both paths will lead towards self-discovery if taken properly!

A virtue is described as an important personality trait such as honesty or kindness. Still, society has used this word so much over time that its meaning changed into another definition, which means perfectionist attitude toward one’s activities/self.”

My mentor’s thoughts about VIRTUE CONTINUUM

In a word, the virtues continuum is an exciting and valuable term that humanity has practically forgotten unnecessarily. Because we can really squeeze the benefits of this term.

HOW you can use the virtue continuum in your daily life

You can implement it: 

  1. By increasing your value. 

If you practice it every day, your life will have more purpose, and people will feel it. 

  1. Get more respect from respectful people. 

Of course, it’s easy to get the respect and attention of certain boys these days. They admire businessmen driving golden cars, but wise people respect not for metal and money. Unfortunately, only a few understand the values ​​and have not even heard the term we are talking about today. But what if they hear and practice it… 

  1. Create meaningful, long-lasting relationships. 

Virtue continuum is all about being with another person and how you treat them with care and love. If you both understand what humility is, that is beyond arrogance… In a word, you understood the essence… Sure, you knew that, but others didn’t… 

Therefore, I would like them to understand:

– selflessness should be over selfishness;

– authenticity over hypocrisy;

– humility over arrogance. 


The virtue continuum term should be used in schools, universities. It should be mentioned at self-development seminars. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT IT SHOULD BE ON YOUTUBE. Unfortunately, more information is practically non-existent or hard to find, so the video that I will share in a moment was watched by a significantly small number of viewers. (See for yourself: “Virtue Continuum Lesson 1.”)

Let’s descuss!

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